Hello there,

I create robust web apps and Gatsby plugins.

Roughly half the year I work as an independent contractor. The rest of my time I spend on family, learning and open source.

I am also trying to get back into speaking about tech and coding.

My full name is Benedicte Raae.
My location is Rodel√łkka, Oslo, Norway.


In the fall of 2018 I released my first and so far only open source project. Its been a blast with contribution already from Thailand, Canada and the UK.

The project is a plugin for GatsbyJS that lets you embed content from Twitter, CodePen, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and more using the oembed protocol.


In 2019 I would like to get have gotten serious about speaking!

This fall I will be speaking at Javazone and JSConf Budapest. The talk is titled "A privacy first web based period tracker? Is it even possible?". You can follow my journey there on Twitter. I do a live broadcast every Monday.

At the end of May I was a guest on Gatsby's webinar about plugins. I talked about my experience creating @raae/gatsby-remark-oembed.

Topics I have knowledge about include: Apps (both native, hybrid and web), the JAMStack (Gatsby - Netlify - Stripe), Creating an open source project, Building MVPs in record time, Structured content, Learning through side projects and the oEmbed protocol.

If you need someone to give a talk or conduct a workshop on any of these topics let me know.

Client work

I have been working as an independent contractor since 2010. These days I focus on making web apps with a visualization component.

I have experience with a myriad of technologies, but these days I focus on React, Gatsby and D3.

Currently I am creating a web app for Thales to help monitor and visualize tactical defense networks.

From the fall of 2013 to the spring of 2019 I made and maintained the Varsom app for The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. First as a native iOS app, but later as a hybrid app on both Android and iOS.

I am available for long term 60% contracts from the fall of 2020, preferably as part of a remote first team.

Let's be Interwebz friends

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and GitHub.

My email is raae@raae.codes and you can even sign up for my newsletter.