Hello there,

I create practical and robust web apps.

Roughly half the year I work as an independent contractor. The rest of my time I spend on family, learning and open source.

I am also trying to get back into speaking about tech and coding.

My full name is Benedicte Raae.
My location is Rodel√łkka, Oslo, Norway.


In the fall of 2018 I released my first and so far only open source project. Its been a blast with contribution already from Thailand, Canada and the UK.

The project is a plugin for GatsbyJS that lets you embed content from Twitter, CodePen, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and more using the oembed protocol.


In 2019 I would like to get serious about speaking!

I have spoken at several meetups and done two conference lightning talks in Oslo over the years. In 2014 I even did a full day workshop in advanced search techniques for the Norwegian Tax Authorities.

Topics I have knowledge about include: Apps (both native, hybrid and web), the JAMStack (Gatsby - Netlify - Stripe), Creating an open source project, Building MVPs in record time, Structured content, Learning through side projects and the oEmbed protocol.

If you need someone to give a talk or conduct a workshop on any of these topics let me know.

Client work

I have been working as an independent contractor since 2010. These days I focus on making web apps with a visualization component.

I have experience with a myriad of technologies, but these days I focus on React, Gatsby and D3.

Currently I am creating a web app for Thales to help monitor and visualize tactical defense networks.

From the fall of 2013 to the spring of 2019 I made and maintained the Varsom app for The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. First as a native iOS app, but later as a hybrid app on both Android and iOS.

I am available for long term 60% contracts from the fall of 2020, preferably as part of a remote first team.

Let's be Interwebz friends

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and GitHub. My email is raae@raae.codes and you can even sign up for my newsletter.